3. Text box

This section is designed to allow the customer to provide text-specific customisation data for you to use in the Custom Product's creation.

You can see this Section in action, in our footage captured from the Demo Store below:

Section Setup

Section name

Adjust your section’s heading by editing the 'heading' text entry field.

This is plain text, so does not include bold or italic.

Section description

Add additional text/copy to help inform customers or add instructions concerning the section:


If this checkbox is ticked, the customer will be unable to proceed without interacting with the Section - useful if this is a vital step in the Product's configuration.

Text box options

Option name:

Gives each option a clear Name, to help the customer's understanding

Option description:

Allows for more information to be added to each option, to help guide the customer's decision.

Max character length:

Decide how many characters the customer can use - make sure the customer is aware of this limit, to avoid.

Pricing Rules

This section allows for the option selected to have pricing changes attached:

Set amount:

This adds a set price per option, which will be added automatically if the Customer selects more than one option:


Does the same as the above, but using a percentage increase of the Product's base price - useful for pricier situations such as adding an additional product into the Custom product