Metafield Data

This additional information (called metafields) is required by the app to be able to adjust the prices on the cart page correctly:

Agile help - Underscore in cart

Shopify considers line item properties starting with _ as hidden. Your theme, rather than your Agile App, controls whether these show or not.

Modifying your theme manually to hide these values

We recommend creating a backup of your theme before you make any changes.

1.) Inside either the cart-template.liquid or cart.liquid file, find the line which looks similar to: {%- for p in properties -%}.

2.) Immediately BELOW that line, paste in these two lines: {% assign first_character_in_key = p.first | truncate: 1, '' %}

{% unless p.last == blank or first_character_in_key == '_' %}

3.) Find the corresponding {%- endfor -%} for the loop and immediately ABOVE that line, paste:

{%- endunless -%}

Your code should now look something like this:

Check your cart page, the metadata fields should now be hidden.

If you run into difficulties, please contact your developers for assistance in hiding this information from your store. There is also the option of reaching out to a coding specialist who may be able to alter your code to suit.