Draft Orders & App Compatibility

Bundle Builder is able to operate alongside most apps and Shopify features - as long as these do not use Shopify' Draft Order functionality.

For Multiple SKU bundles to work correctly, our app requires exclusive access to draft orders.

The Draft Order conflict is a Shopify platform limitation - only one app can use this feature at one time.

If an additional third-party app needs to have access this functionality, this is will cause a conflict that will create issues on your store front. Unless the third-party app can adapt their code, one of the apps would need to be uninstalled to resolve this.

To identify non-Agile draft orders, begin by navigating to: 1. Admin

2. Orders Drafts These are the Draft orders themselves. If you open up one of the drafts and scroll to the bottom, you can see the source of what caused the Draft was generated:

Checking this will allow you to see how your Drafts are made and identify any made by any other source than your Agile app itself.

We recommend that you check in with your third party apps' developers and see they would be able to make this change, as they will be able to advise further regarding any integration.

Unfortunately we are unable to change Bundle Builder's functionality and requirements as it stands, although we are continuously looking for a suitable solution. Once you have spoken with your third-party app developers, we will be happy to assist if you require any technical information about Bundle Builder.